Wednesday . December 4 . 2002 . 8:36pm
cooper scooper

This is what happens when a childless professional couple adopts a pet.  Complete and total insanity.

We are both so in love with this dog we can't even stand it.  It's probably pretty sick to watch us, but in the privacy of our own home, we can act as insane as we want. 

And at least it's not a cat, as doting insanely over a cat is the true mark of insanity or terminal spinsterdom.  (See: Crazy Cat Lady.)

So far she's been great.  85% of her eliminations have been outdoors, and she's been great both in and out of her little training crate.  She's quiet but playful, little but sturdy.  We are absolutely nuts about her. 

OK, I have to stop talking about the goddam dog.